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Portfolio of previous work

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    Harper Steele Heating & Electrical

    The brief was to design an unusual and eye-catching logo for a new business.

    Using just two colours, we tried to reflect the two constituent parts of the business, heating in orange and electrical in silver.

    • The design is to be used on corporate stationery & vehicles
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      Michael Davis Building Services

      This job was lovely. The client was shown a very tongue-in-cheek visual, designed purely for fun.

      In fact all the other (more restrained) designs were rejected in favour of this one, and the logo is now being seen all over East Anglia!

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        Sandbox Theory CD

        The band wanted a CD slip that reflected the concept of digital chaos, the theme running through the whole album.

        The songs called for an image of a man wired into the fractal through the web, leaving space in the design to print selected lyrics.

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          A new startup office and house cleaning service asked for a logo design with modern, attractive colours.

          After several visuals, the client chose the design shown here, and the logo is now on their stationery and vehicles.

          • Note: client address & phone number on display have been witheld at client's request